Ottawa Car Starters

Ottawa Car Starters

by Derand Motorsport

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Here is more information about the Ottawa car starter program offered by Derand Motorsport.
  • Remote car starters (AutoStart, Viper, Compustar, iDatastart) start from $399.95 for an automatic transmission using your factory key fobs, or with 2 one-way remotes from $429.95, or a two-way remote from $499.95 with over 3,000 feet of coverage - this includes the interface for power door locks, factory car alarms, chip / diode keys, factory power trunk release and shop parts (diodes, tie wraps, solder, tape, relays, wire loom and connectors)

  • For standard / manual transmission, starters start at $599.95

  • For diesel vehicles, there is an extra $50 for a glow plug relay interface

  • For factory heated seats, add $75 to turn on with the remote starter (if possible)

  • For rear defroster to turn on with the remote starter, add $75 (if possible)

  • German cars (Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, VW, Volvo) start from $699.95 and up, and are quoted individually

You can even add on MyCar2 app to your existing remote starter for $249.95 and Viper SmartStart app for $299.95, which is an interface that works with the existing starter and your smart phone allowing you to start / stop your car from anywhere in Ontario and Quebec, with no service fees (in most cases).

The best part!
  • No charge for lifetime warranty on the car starter (savings of $75 on average)
  • No charge for lifetime warranty on the workmanship (savings of $75 on average)
  • No charge for lifetime supply of remote replacement batteries (savings of $50 on average)
  • No charge for lifetime free reprogramming of the remote starter, after a car dealership or oil change facility disconnects your battery to do service on your car (savings of $100 on average)
  • One year warranty on the actual physical remotes (key fobs) against manufacturers defect

For more information on any of these items, please call (613-563-0029) or email us, we'll be happy to explain.

The big box stores and other install locations will never touch our dedication to customer service and warranty. We have to go that extra mile to earn your business in today's marketplace.

We also carry starters and alarms by MyStart, Viper, AutoStart, Clifford, CrimeStopper, Compustar, SmartStart, AstroStart, Prostart and Fortin.

Family owned and operated since 1984.

Derand Motorsport


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